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Government Job

Would you like to be part of public service? One good option is to look for a government job. Various government agencies allow you to offer services to community tax payers. Aside from this, a government job also provide employees with a number of perks. Perhaps the most common perk associated to a government job is security of tenure. Some would say that holding a government job position entails less threat to job loss compared to private firms or business entities.

Those who hold government job positions are also most likely to stay in service and are less prone to job hopping. This is partly because of the benefits a government job position may offer full-time employees. For a list of government job benefits, read on.

Government job benefits: pension
This is one of the main attractions of holding a government job position. The state or federal agency contributes to your retirement plan religiously.

Government job benefits: financial services
Government employees are most likely to enjoy low interest rate mortgages. These and other financial services are offered by government branches and departments to their employees.

Government job benefits: promotions
Promotions in government job post not only come with pay raises but also with the prestige and recognition, especially when handling a department that deal with the public service. Administrative power is also one of the perks of assuming a higher position in the government.

Government job benefits: security
Holding a government job position is deemed by some as having a stronger hold to future. They say that government employees are more secured because of the strict process involved in termination and retrenchment.

Government job benefits: service
Government jobs allow you to offer public service to tax payers. Employees may contribute to the efficiency of the service system and be able to help the community even indirectly. For senior role positions, policy making and implementation are often involved.

Government job vs. private job
There are more job openings in the private sector, that's why chances of landing a private job is relatively higher. Private businesses may offer higher growth potentials and, sometimes, even a more lucrative career option. They also have a fast-paced working environment, which is best for those who are looking for opportunities in skills enhancement.

The choice between a government job and a career in the private sector actually depends on the worker's preference, skills and experience. Career goals will also determine which could be the best workplace for career advancement- the government or the private sector?

Employment News

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29 December 2008

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